Bob DiMaio

Partner & COO

Bob’s journey to excellence has been marked by continuous growth and achievement. Over the course of his career, he has climbed the ranks to become a Chief Operating Officer (COO) in various Facility and Commercial Cleaning Companies. His ability to lead and optimize operations has been a hallmark of his professional journey.

In his early years, Bob’s career took off as he worked as a facility manager for American Building Maintenance (ABM). In this role, he oversaw the management of facilities for prestigious clients such as Google and Applied Materials. His dedication to maintaining and enhancing these high-profile facilities set a standard for excellence that was admired by clients and colleagues alike.

Bob’s commitment to service extends beyond the business world. He proudly served in the military, demonstrating his dedication to duty and country. His military experience has undoubtedly contributed to his strong work ethic and leadership skills.

(954) 257-0574